Thursday, April 27, 2006

difficulties of a house wife

guyz.. after a looong time. ok i have been working since a long time; also considering personal reasons, decided to take a break and be at home. but my god! being a house wife is just PAINFUL. you have to cook; you have got n number of utensils to clean; you have to arrange the beds both in morning and at nights; make sure that things are in their places; wash clothes - i mean put them in machine, he he he; and etc. etc. bend nimirudhunga.. am just wondering what will happen when i have a kid. ooh!

besides looking after these husbands is so tough you know. they are so dependent on the woman at home for everything. they demand for a hot cup of Tea as soon as out of bed, expect us to cook properly (come on!), take care of their home, entire activities. ivanga office poradhukku nama first yelundhu tiffin coffee panni vakkanum-idhu yepdi irukku. aargh! no wonder these men want some women secerataries always. but my hubs is an exception tough ;-)

but i do find some nice things - i have a lot of time to relax; i break rules; look after the house and make it more beautiful; spend time with neighbour kids and pets; gossip with friends and mom; read a lot; oru vari vidama newspaper padikka mudiyudhu; watch TV; sleep in the afternoons; keep eating and eating something or the other; no previous day hangovers; concentrate on my hobbies... so those are some of the positive traits.

but as a whole, it just reminds me of my mom who took care of the home, we 3 children - that too me and my brother fight like anything; then this short tempered dad; the aged grand parents; and the pet dog. my god - now she has got the only pest - my dad and all the others have released her. thanks mom for being so good to us always!!


ambi said...

Thoda! boysaa ipdi vaari irukeenga. (he hee,of course it's true).
soo, first time in life time, U started cookingaaa? :) i pray for ur hubby...jus kidding.
BTW, don't eat too much. be health consious, and watch on ur weight.(sollanumnu thonichu, thambi solra madhiri nenachukoongaa)

வேதா said...

vanga, vanga. so u are a home maker now. u r rite. home making is really difficult. nee veetula thana iruka-nu ella velaiyum namma thalaila kattitu poiduvaanga. namma mangu-mangu-nu ella velaiyum senja, 'ava engaiyum velaiku pola, veetula thaan irukka' appidinu satharanama sollitu poiduvaanga. en nelamaiyum athu thaan, only diff ungaluku kalyanam ayiduthu. so inimey neraya posts ethirpakkalam rite?

logic said...

Dont know y the hell husbands should be always tough.

"but my hubs is an exception tough ;-)"

This is ofcourse true for everyone in the current generation.
And u dont know abt most of the husbands are doing house keeping.

And mam House keeping is equal to a complete SDLC,its not easy and its not a bad thing to do.

The first tow paras shoul dbe published a decade ago.

Harish said...

idukkae ippadi pulambina eppadi???innum kuzhandai varattum...appa irukku scene

Usha said...

aamam kannu, house-maker is an exeptional job..yosichu partheena veetla irundhu pal kanakulermdhu kuzhandai health varaikum parthundu namma bosses panra OB-la avarai vida effective-a veetla panranga. You joining the league..kudos!

shree said...

@ambi - seriousa kaali matha kitta yen jusband kaga vendiko; daay thambi gimbinnu rombo senti agitta, yenna matteru

@veda - oh no. yennoda inner heartla irukkaradha nenga pesittenga. yeah am trying my best to put up lot of posts, but onnum uraikka mattengudhu yeludharathukku

@logic - oh oh!! whatta spelling mistake that has changed the entire meaning. it is supposed to be 'though' and not 'tough'. che che my hubs is very sweet. :)
yeah first two paras are there for decades - yet these works are being given only for ladies. so obviously the cribs continues

@harish - unga blessingsku rombo danks. adappavi, nane hayyayyonnu irukken, ne vera bayamurutharaya

@usha - (aludhukene) danks!! bossoda yellam compare panni konjam aaruthal solli irukke.. sandhoshama irukku

Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

objection your honour,Cook panrathu oru kastama?cooking oru jusupi matter.atahuvum u r cooking for ur huby,ithelam kastama theriyalama?ithelam nyayama?;) hee hee

kuttichuvaru said...

I second Mr.Gop Subbs!! naangalum thaan velaikku ellam poittu cooking-um panna vendiyathaa irukku.... enna panrathu....

anyway, welcome bak!!

shree said...

hello, ramgopal verma and kutty - yennavo cooking pathi mattum yeludhi irukka madhiri pulambareenga. i am referring to all the other activities as well. cooking nalla vishayam dhan, ana adhukkappuram irukkara pathram theikkara velai irukke, che kadi

Known Stranger said...

summa kallakitaa phoo

unknown said...

eppo kalyanam achchu.. ru married?
onnume puriya maatigkuthu...
seri seri nalla iruntha seri....
nichayam unnoda hubby ninaichi varutha padaren feelingsa vitting...parthu kobathulla TT vilayadanamathiri vilayadidapora....

shree said...

@ammu - he he he.. kalyanam aagi adhigamilla gentle woman, 10 months dhan agudhu. :)

unknown said...

onnume puriyala ellame marma is marriage life?

ambi said...

hello, shree, next post (udipi) posted. he hee,waiting for ur comments. summa krish padama pottu thalli irukken, as per ur wish.. :)

nandoo said...

naan appo appo vanthu... intha rajini..kamal photo paarthutu poven..ippo ennana.. house wife nu article potu irukeengo...

pasangala solli kuttam illa.. mummynga apdi pasangala valathudraango.. so we expect the same... avlo thaan..

neengalachum..unga paiyana(50% probability irukku) chinna vayasulenthu adichu..thunpuruthi.. samayal panna solli patharam kaluva solli..thuni thochi..veedu sutham panra paiyana valatheenganaaa.. naaliku unga marumagal "difficulties of house wife" apdinu oru post poda maataa...

epdi oru postuku ungala maamiyar aakiten..kyonki saas bhi bahu thiii

ambi said...

Aish pathi naan ezhuthiyee theeranumnu Jollandavar Asariiri sollitaar. manichudu thayi..

mudinchaa unga hubbya Aish kutti postaa padikka sollunga. (he hee, ethoo, nammala mudincha sevai)
Om Aish kuttiye namaha!

ashok said...

shree..welcome to the real world...!

neighbour said...


ithai naan ennanu solla.. enaku suthmaa puddikaaha topic idhu.. because in my house my appa will be involved in all the activities, Cooking, washing, cleaning etc whatever he can share from my Mom. so naanum appadi thaan.. appa payan. nowadays guys are like that not all.. but most.

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