Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Not sure if someone has already posted this or if this is a very old forward. But is a good one, so publishing in my blog.

Pls click the link below to see the video, and go through till the end.

This is an advertisement by an Italian telephone company.

A great ad.... Ironically from a non-Indian company!!

And none the less, this ad won the EPICA awards for best ad.

This proves that not only Aishwarya Rai is famous but also Gandhiji!


ambi said...

yekka, meyaalume neenga thaan ipdi post potathaa? or any pinami for updating your blog..? :p

anyway, really a good one. yeeh, i too saw that ad as fwd mail. good one.

//This proves that not only Aishwarya Rai is famous but also Gandhiji!//
ROTFL :) unga vaytherichal enakku puriyuthu, still your hubby oothifying on aish kutti? he hee :)

ithe Ad aish kutti vechu eduthu iruntha summaa patti thotti ellam pichukittu odi irukkum! ayiram irunthalam, aish kuttiya vittu kudukka maattom illa! :)

Syam said...

Wish you and your family a wonderful New Year!!!

ambi said...

yekka, commentsa publish pannunga, illa srinidhiya oru killu killiduven! :)

Usha said...

vaama kanna!! ezhuda arambichuttiya nee? Aama, gandhiya, adhu yaaru?