Thursday, December 08, 2005

nyabaga maradhi

this is my first posting ever! i do not know the dos and donts. hence forgive me for any mistake i do. also that there will be a lot of tamil mixed up. and yes forgive me for all grammatical, spelling mistakes. now to the point - nyabaga maradhi.

well i am so forgetful that i forget everything. it is not that gajini surya's short term memory. but that i forget things just like that. i keep a log of "to-dos" but will forget to see that list. to remember i keep adding reminders in my office inbox and my mobile. but i seldom see the alerts.

i infact wrote a poem about this nyabagamaradhi - in english, but who remembers it now! unless i have saved it somewhere it is very difficult for me to utter it again. but i dont remember if i have saved it and where i have saved it. idhanala no one believes me that i have written the poem myself! yellam neram!

MCA exams were the best! i prepared, as usual in the last minute, for the exams. night 1 mani varaikkum, kathala 6 manike (lifela diwalikku mattum dhan avlo seekram yelundhuppen) yelundhu prepare pannikkuven. but the minute i go to the exam hall and see the question paper - everything goes blank. pakkathula irukkaravnga yellam rombo mummurama exam yeludhuvanga, nan mattum thiru thirunu ukkandhuruppen. yedhavadhu nyabagam vandha dhane yeludharathuku! invigilator vera pakkathula vandhu morachittu povanga. uncle invigilators yellam apdi panna mattange, aunties or youngsters kandippa morappanga - yen muga raasi appdi!
but ivvlo yeludhara andha pasanga velila vandha vudane keppen "yepdi exam yeludhi irukkeenga"; the reply will come - "sariyave yeludhala". vivek stylela 'adappavi, sariya yeludhadhukke full 3 hours thevai pattudha unakku, innum ne sariya yeludhi irundha??' pulambikkuven. but anga dhan vidhi velayadidum. maangu maangunu padichi yeludina pasanga yellam oothikkittanga. nanum yenga settum pass!!! first attemptlaye pass-o-pass!

engagement ana pudhusula, my then fiancee's face was not familiar for me. i had some picture in my mind that is relatively close to his looks. Gosh! it really took atleast 3 months for me to remember his face.

ippo while writing this article also, i am sitting for hours together and writing up otherwise will forget and will never get the flow.

i used to say a big "HI" to a person and then turn around to my mom or husband to ask who he or she was! indha madhiri mugam theriyama hi solli yekkachakkama arattai adichittu apram dhan i will realise - i have never met that person in my life. a similar event happened in my marriage. there was one aunty came with full enthu and said a big Hi, Congrats, etc. i thought i knew her and kept talking to her. avanga medaiya vittu keela yerangave illa. she kept advicing me on various things. Yeeks! i got stuck when she started telling a thing which is not at all a custom in our tradition. then i realised that i **really** didnt know her. then i thought my husband might have known her. i turned around to him and shocked when he asked me "who was she". then i turned around to my mother to check with her and yes u guessed it right, she also asked me "avanga maappillaikku urava" then all of us starred at her and she went down the medai with much confusions in her face. then later the next day my neice, who was standing next to me during marriage - one to get herself snapped in fotos, second to collect the gifts from me - told me that she saw that aunty in the mandap that was a different one located in upstairs.

now for this blog also, i forget the user name and password - yenna adhu rombo common dhane solreengala? hmm.. i already have created a blog spot for myself. adhu yennanne marandhu pochu.

((i only wish that my supervisor does not see this and wonder why there is always a delay from this girl on her works!))

but the thing i never forget - music tunes and lyrics of cinema songs! god knows how i am remembering them, but i do. if not the entire lyrics i remember the tune and will do sondha saahithyam to fill the gap. my generation guyz and gals tell me: have u ever heard of a song - "kaattu raani koattaiyile, kadhavugal illai" or "koovamal koovum gokilam"?? i know songs to that extent and also "suttum vizhi sudare". do i sing? yes i do. can people hear if i sing? well, that is a million dollar question!! people who have heard me humming slowly to myself has admitted that i do sing a bit, but on the other hand, vaaya thorandhu paadinaa.... my brother used to tease me with the famous song "vaadi yen kappa kelanga, padadha vaaya thorandhe". but he sings well u know. now a days he is concentrating on keyboard. he has tried out several songs in keyboard and really has done very well. now, that reminds me of the extraordinary talent that my appa and brother has got - that is changing the entire lyrics of a song and sing - more or less like a gana song. they not only change it but keep singing the changed lyric only that i will forget the original song. here i have to admit that my appa, amma, akka, anna are all really good singers. but my hubby is the only person who encourages me to sing and he is patient enough to hear me singing. thank you hubby!! :) but in this cinema songs also, when there is going to be repetitions in the lyrics, i will forget what should come when. sample songs - "chennai pattanam" - it all ends with "kasu", so i get confused; "nyabagam varudhe" - too much listings to remember. but andha nyabagam varudhe paattu is a total failure in my case - i seldom remember anything!

chinna chinna vishayam yellam nan rombo easya marandhuduven. but if there is any kadan that has to come - adhu marakkadhu yennaku. anything anyone has done - will not forget that. basica adhellam marandhu pona, yennoda maradhikku oru alagu varum. Praying god that either i recover entirely from this nyabagamaradhi or sholuld selectively forget things. ok, i have written a lot. yennoda chinna brainkku ivlo dhan yettudhu, will write another interesting article later. bye for now!


Usha said...

Nice article (if you call it like that) :), you have put things down very well da..guess what, I was thinking of sharing mine with you on the day we spoke, then I thought the better of it 'edhuku paduthanum makkala'-nu..and was pleasantly surprised when I saw your msg sharing this with me. I enjoyed reading yours, typical shree :)

If you have time, check out mine @ aana ippove solten, endhula niraya posts irukum, appuram kaduppagadha :)

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