Wednesday, December 21, 2005

This time something serious!!

After a long time, thought of adding something here. enter panni ulla pona, haa! yennoda previous kuppaikku 4 comments. yaaruda adhu pudhusa nnu patha, yaaro Rajesh aam (rombo mandai pola irukku) kevi kevi aladha koraiaya vendam niruthungannu kathi irukkaru. adappavi.. i never expected this nu nenachi, avaroda sitekku poi patha.. che che che... yenakku konjamum pudikkadha cricket pathi neraya yeludhi kaduppethi irukkaru. after going through his blogspot, i understood one thing - indha payyanukku (sorry Rajesh! :D) tamil puriyala.. adhuvum madras tamil suthama puriyala nnu! correcta?? ok.. he has really taken some pain in reading(?) my kuppai, so mannikkum vidhamaga, Rajesh, nenga.. nenga sandhosha padarathukkaga, am not writing Part II of the article (but that is not the truth - i dont know what else to be written, as usual marandhutten). (hello, devuda patta translate panrathukku ra ra patta translate panna paravalla, arthamavadhu puriyum) but blogspotnu onnu create panni adhula onnume yeludhalanna yepdi... so here we go now on to a serious side -

My brother has freeserver and has updated several things in it. Of that this particular article on the view of "Hindu religion" really attracted me.
I am sure most of the Hindus must be knowing about the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Here is a different view to it -
The objective of the stories of avatharas (incarnations) is not only to teach morals but also stories of evolution. We have so many theories that explain evolution of human beings. But in Hindu mythology, eons before, our forefathers have explained it in the form of Dasavathara.

Let us examine each of the avatharas in detail, from a completely different perspective, to understand what he was trying to say.

1. Mathsyavathara: In this avathar, Lord Vishnu is in the form of a Fish (Matsya). Long before, when Earth was much closer to the Sun, there were no possibilities of life. But when Earth was just far enough from the Sun, the first living creature evolved in Earth. And that is a Fish which lives deep beneath the Earth's surface, under the Ocean beds, where the powerful UV rays of Sun has very minimal or virtually no effect. So, according to Hindu mythology, the first living creature of the universe is a fish. Thats also how Mathsyavathara should be explained.

2. Kurmavathara: In this avathar, Lord Vishnu is in the form of a Turtle (Kurma). The process of evolution continues in Earth. Now, the fish which can only live under Earth's surface had now actually evolved into a Turtle, which can live both in the water and in the land. The process of evolution is so amazing that it had a hard shell to protect itself from the still powerful Sun rays. That way it was able to survive in the land too. Thats also how Kurmavathara should be explained.

3. Varahavathara: In this avathar, Lord Vishnu is in the form of a wild Boar (Varaha). Earth is still evolving. Now it has reached far away from the Sun that would be enough to have living beings on the surface alone. According to Hindu mythology, Boar must be one of the foremost significant land creature. Thats also how Varahavathara should be explained.

4. Narasimhavathara: In this avathar, Lord Vishnu is a Lion faced human with limbs like a Lion. Nara = Human and Simha = Lion thats how we got this name. Anyways, Earth is still evolving and this avathar depicts the transition from animals to humans. It is infact quite contradictory to Darwin's theory of humans from apes. Maybe, Narasimha is not exactly lion and human may be it was lion and ape. Anyways, the point was Earth has evolved to produce human beings. Thats also how Narasimhavathara should be explained.

5. Vamanavathara: In this avathar, Lord Vishnu is a midget. Earth has evolved and the first human being was a midget. This is in accordance to most of the Western myths. Thats also how Vamanavathara should be explained.

6. Parasuramavathara: Having explained the process of how human beings were evolved in the first 5 avathars, the next 5 avathars, explains how the mankind is going to evolve. In this avathar, Parasuram is a Brahmin (Priests or Teachers). Probably, our mythology was also trying to tell us how they have arrived at the Castisms. Now our mankind is full grown physically. This era is dedicated to Brahmins, who are basically responsible for acquiring knowledge. By acquiring knowledge, we were growing meta-physically in this era. This is an important part of our evolution. Thats also how Parasuramavathara should be explained.

7. Ramavathara: In this avathar, Lord Vishnu is a Kshathriya (Warrior). After acquiring the knowledge, warriors came into the picture to protect what we have. This era is dedicated to the warriors. This era must have brought the concept of Governments, Wars etc. This is also an important part of mankind evolution. Thats also how Ramavathara should be explained.

8. Balarama and 9. Krishnavathars: In this avathar, Lord Vishnu is a Baniya (Trader). After acquiring knowledge and protecting it, we got to use it. This era belongs to Traders. Traders used this ideal platform to move the mankind forward. This era must have brought the concept of economy. This is also an important part of our evolution. Thats also how these avatharas should be explained.

10. Kalkiavathara: According to Hindu mythology, this has not happened yet. But when it happens, Lord Vishnu will be a Sudhra (Worker). This era belongs to Sudhras, the worker bees of the human race. So, I think, we should stop cribbing about all the reservations for politically backward people as this era belongs to them, even according to the Hindu mythology.

Did he make any sense? According to me, "YES".


Rajesh said...

vishnuva pathi ezhudhara adhey article la en perayum ezhudhinadhukku thanks. Seri Ra Ra va translate pannunga.

RaajK said...
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RaajK said...

Very good information. I never knew these. Thank you.

Usha said...

akka..kalakiteenga :)

Rajesh said...

Idha paaru. Armyfatheraaam

Oru groupaa than kalambirukeenga? :-)

Rajesh said...

On a more serious note:

For all these avatars, Villains were having human shapes and bodies. Human beings existed and figure in all the avatarams' "stories". Srimad Bhagavatham has nothing to do with the evolotuion of human beings. It has more to do with the evolution of the human mind. Darwin oda theory oru mattamaana theory adha poi namma epic oda oppidareley nyaayamaa. Kali muthidthooo

shree said...

rajesh, this has got nothing to get worried or mixed with baagavatham. just that a different view given.

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