Wednesday, November 19, 2008

juke box

for some reason or the other today, felt like listening to songs.. so there you see me sitting with ipod on. and thought of listing down few songs that i was drawn to -

1) kangalal kaidhu sei movie -
Anarkali (karthik has sung it, what other qualification a song needs to be good; excellent tabla bgm)
and theekuruvi (Harini and that male singer at their best, and bgm is so good esp. at the end of charanam)
of course the ennuyir thozi is very good with chinmayi's sweet voice.

after listening to these i was so eager to view its picture (oliyum oLiyum) oh boy! what a deception! who is that hero? briyani, sorry priya mani being a debut movie has tried to act. she and her costumes and her taste, uh!

2) oru kadhal devadhai - which movie?? (karthik, revathy and famous cycle scene. epdi irundha karthik revathy epdi agittanga)

3) oru deivam thanda poove - kannathil muthamittal movie (just for simran and her matured acting. and ofcoure the little girl. gives a feeling like to go far away from this world with my little daughter and dedicate this song to her)

4) Pavithra movie -
uyirum neeye (love unnikrishnan's voice and the ragam -- is it maand? i love this movie very much. and i liked ajit then itself :))
and azhagu nilave, i am sure is a favourite of many women.

5) valai osai - sathya movie (dont need explanation, right?)

6) Siraisalai movie -
alolamkili (simple song with simple bgm, lovely spb and innocent Tabu),
suttum sudar vizhi (her big frock and bgm),
sempoove (very romantic and pleasing)

7) vettai-vilayadu - uyirile and manjal veyyil (dont have a particular reason ..just like to listen to these songs)

8) katril varum geethamae - which movie?? good for chorus song ;-)

9) 7g rainbow colony - ninaithu ninaithu - kk's song and definitely NOT the female version of it.

10) mouna ragam theme music - one of my husband's collegue did this in his keyboard and it sounds so realistic and the theme music is a master piece. whatever mood you are in, the music will fit accordingly.

11) thendrale ennai thodu movie - thendral vandhu ennai thodum (KJJ), pudhiya poovidhu (quite peppy yaar),kanmani nee vara (uma ramanan)

12) keladi kanmani - pudhu pudhu arthangal movie (excellent job by the chorus singers w/o whom the song is nothing)

13) Thene thenpandi meene - udhaya geetham movie (excellent lullaby)

14) maramkothiye - what movie?? (nice bgm and nice rythm. the other verison "mayilirage" is also equally good)

15) chittuku chella chittuku - nallavanukku nalavan movie (enna kaduppa irukkum.. pethu, pathu pathu valatha ponnu nethu vanda oruthan kooda odi pona... adhuvum thalaivar song, kekkanuma)

16) thendrale - kadhal desam movie (again a good lullaby, kodumaiya abbas-vineth-tabu)

17) kannodu kanbathellam - jeans (love the ragam aberi (nagumo mu kanalae Balamuralikrishna padi kekkanum, you will fall in love!). adhuvum kadasila swaram mudinju pallavi varache vara melam music appdiye ecstatic feeling. also yenakku indha pattu nalla pada varum including the last swaram, adhanalaye love this song he he)

18) all songs in en swasa katre movie except jumbalaka. no hard feelings towards jumbalaka, but yennavo that never fits in with the other songs in the movie. odd man out!

19) butterfly from Meera - violin la ivvlo supera music poda mudiyumnu prove panra song. (listen to the bgm between first and second stanza (charanam) and also at the end of song) heard that SPB admitted to have enjoyed this song very much. and ever young asha bhosle's voice.

20) Munbe vaa - jillunu oru kadhal movie (indha pattu supera irukku esp. Naresh Iyer's voice. i cant forget this movie as i watched this when i was 9th month carrying hoping every minute that the movie would end soon but it kept dragging and i started to have false contractions ;-p)

ok the list keeps growing... let me stop here.

after listening to the rhapsody of Raja and Rehman i had a feeling that you should listen to rehman with an attitude of 'i like this song' and the song will sound very good in your ears while for raja, you dont have to exclusively carry a mood or attitude, yet you will fall in love with his song. ok i am not being partial, but this is what i felt. for instance i always loved anjali song from duet whereas when i chose it at random it didnt ring any bell inside me. while thoongadha vizhigal from agninatchatram is not my favourite at all, yet always have made me sit through the song. And also noticed that in case of rehman, almost all songs in one movie becomes a hit illana none of them comes well in a movie. (like Udhaya, Parthale paravasam...)

i didnt notice but my husband pointed out that as soon as a song is played half way, i wait till the second para's music and then i change or at the worst case will change before the song is finished. strange!

couple of songs that did not become much hit but are really good err.. i like them -
Uyirum neeye - Pavithra
Chitirai nilavu - vandicholai chinnarasu
Unnai charanadainden - thavamai thavamirundhu
Eduda andha - pudhiya mannargal
poonkodiyin punnagai - iruvar
chittu kuruvi - parasuram
Gokulathu kannaa - gokulathil seethai
keeravani - a karthik,banupriya movie
kanna varuvaya - manadhil urudhi vendum
kanne yen navamaniye - bommu kutti ammavukku

I have couple of SVe sekhar and crazy mohan dramas. will talk about them later :)


நாகை சிவா said...

Unnai charanadainden - thavamai thavamirundhu
Eduda andha - pudhiya mannargal
poonkodiyin punnagai - iruvar
Gokulathu kannaa - gokulathil seethai
keeravani - a karthik,banupriya movie
kanne yen navamaniye - bommu kutti ammavukku//

ithu ellam nallavey hit ana song mathiri than ennaku nyabagam... nilaivil nindariyey endru sollalam....

antha keeravani song from gopurangal saivathuillai endru ninaikuren...

S.Ve.Sekhar drama vuku niraiya thadavai Crazy mohan dialogues ezhuthi irrukaru enpathu upari thakaval :)

ambi said...

//sempoove (very romantic and pleasing)

he hee, yeeh, yeeh, very romantic and pleasing... :)))