Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Amusing Toilet

The women's restrooms in my office is amusing me almost everyday.

1) First the way the toilet is placed, the pipes and buckets under it (no, no sanitary tap for the western toilet system.. am just happy that there are at least paper rolls in spite of they being hard enough to hurt your tender body parts) are located and the door are not in synch. The door will hit the bucket as you open the door and you have to move the bucket. if you move the bucket you will have trouble filling water (if empty) and also trouble to sit on the toilet. The water in the bucket will often be full and you will have them spilling over your feet every time you do this ritual.. for me, that is disgusting!

2) You have to do a gymnastic if you dont want to touch and move the bucket or spill the water or brush the toilet commode

3) The wash basins located outside the toilet has the drain inside one of the room and that too not on closed manner. if you are using that toilet room, whatever chunk that people puts in wash basin will fall next to you, isnt it disgusting enof that many of us literally will not use it so total minus one

4) There is a basement where people burrows and there is no restroom there and those girls also comes up to ground floor (our floor) and use the rest room. more colorful (for guyz), more fun, more smell, and no vacancy. Most of them are trainees and freshers and the important point esp. for Ambi is mostly are from valliya keralam.

5) There is no paper for toilet seat. I think it is zero in India as a whole. I wish we have it so that we dont have to mess with others feet. What does this mean? refer to next point

6) The worst thing is one of our girls doesnt know how to use this western toilet. very often we see 'shoe/chappal prints' on the toilet seat which means she is using the toilet in indian style, putting her feet and not butt. i wonder who would do that in this I/T company, is she that village sort? and the amusement is how she can climb and use in such a posture. she should be too thin to balance herself (grrr....) and how will she clean herself? god knows!

7) Admin dept has pasted a printout - "Please put your butt, not your feet on the toilet seat", hillarious but effective right?!!!! (no no that was my suggestion and admin gundu stared at me like 'ada alpamae' and rejected the idea immediately)

8) As i have mentioned in the first point, the location is too bad to place an additional trash bin in the competition. so it has been placed on the raised wall behind the toilet basin. how girls are operating that is still a mystery for me. using hands?? ewwwww!! how do i survive naa, one of the room has it on the floor to use my feet. i wait for my turn to use That particular room every time. he he he

9) hair strands everywhere esp. around the wash basin

10) i hate wearing patiala type pants bcoz it gets wet, touching the bucket and the toilet basin

11) Women form 'groups' to even go to restroom, huh! They even maintain timings - HR group 1 - 3 PM, Accounts group - 4 PM, admin - 4 PM :)

i dont have any comment about the boys rest room, for obvioius reasons he he he :D

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