Wednesday, February 15, 2006

ada manga!!

sila periya companies kooda sila samayangalla manga thanama yedhachum pannuvanga.

inga parunga.. i was trying to download something from net and this is the warning i am getting -
"All Downloads from this site are subject to XYZ policies. If you do not agree, please close your browser now, and remove all content previously downloaded from this site from all computers in your possession"

idha vida super, when i was doing Aptech course - anga kodutha booklalam, oru blank page vittu irpanga, adhukku heading vera irukkum - "this page was intentionally left blank"

some bank has advertised this - "Need not waste your time in long queues; need not take pains to visit branches. Subscribe to net banking and play through internet. For details, contact the nearest branch"

I am sure these should be interpreted in different manner. and the intent will be genuine. but at an initial moment, i did feel this being manga!!

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