Tuesday, February 14, 2006

yaan petra inbam, peruga ivvayyagam

Hayyyyyya!!! sandhoshama irukku......... nethu yennoda valentine dhaan sodhapikichunnu parthen.. yen friendsngalodadhum sodhappittu irukku.. jollya irukkulla!!!

story 1 -
my friend has just relocated from Mumbai. but still she is feeling home sick that she is flying often. she is not staying in any cook-gramam; but her house is located out of main streets that she also need to go for a 3 kms distance to do shoppings. and to the worse, she is not liking chennai shops much. (hmm.. kodhithu yela vendam chennaivaasigale) so she decided to buy something in mumbai but her hubs was always near her. like me, she also charted out a plan. (and yes, like me adhuvum sodhappikkichu) she decided to buy something in Mumbai airport. so she uttered a lie to hubs that she is going for a coffee and vanished. meanwhile her hub all of a sudden remembered that he has left out his Blazer at home. he is flying to Australia this week that he is desparate of the blazer. In the panic, he started searching for my friend. he walked over the shops and found our madam standing in a tie shop. hubs, already in confusion, got so puzzled that he went over and asked, "honey, you are buying coffee in tie shop????" and she immediately blurted "no dear, this is for the valentine's day"
gee.... that ended my friend's surprise also a FLOP SHOW. (join the team!!!)

story 2 -
my another friend was a typical South indian that she was not very particular about this Val. day and all. but after seeing all of us giving and receiving gifts she also got the pulse that she went to the office canteen and ordered for a small cute cake that is of heart shaped. she collected it and happily went home. She gave it to her hubs and he was really surprised (thank god). She went to refresh herself and when she returned, she realised that her hubs was still starring at the cake.
friend - hey whats the matter
her hubs - nothing dear
friend - what u dont like the cake
her hubs - oh nothing like that
friend - then...?
her hubs - just getting surprised
friend - for what?
her hubs - ne murugar bakthaiya aagindu variye
friend - what???
her hubs - look at this cake
friend - what is there?
her hubs - look at the topping
friend - whats wrong
her hubs - u dont get it?
friend - (confused) no...
her hubs - nalla paru
friend - onnum illaye
her hubs - nalla paru ma
friend - ada, onnum illaye...???
her hubs - yennama, it is written as "Happy Velantines day"
friend - haan.. innaiku Valentines day, that is y i got the cake
her hubs - u r referring to Valentines day.. but here it is written as Velantine day!
friend - oh my!!! yes!! spelling mistake
her hubs - sunday nadandha Thai poosathukkum sethu cake koduthuttiya??
friend - ..............

he he he he!!! am so happy!!!!!
BTW friends, pl. share out any such happy/sad/embarassing moments of yours... :)

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