Sunday, May 21, 2006

ekalaiva - a thought

Ekalaiva was a young hunter in Mahabaratha period who wished to train as a warrior under Drona, the best known guru in the field at that time. He approached Drona for considering him as his student. Drona was quite impressed by the youth’s earnest interest and keen desire to master the art. Drona went on to probe his background and parentage. When he learnt that he belonged to a lower social community he was greatly displeased. Enraged he asked him how he dared to ask Drona to be his teacher. And he advised Ekalaiva to born in higher community the next janma.

Ekalaiva took this in mind and started doing tapas severely and prayed that he would born in higher community. His prayers were answered and he was born in higher community but alas, the time has really run out that he got into the kaliyuga. Ekalaiva turned out to be an ultimate 'pazham' and did his best in all subjects. He passed out with a good percentage in +2 and wanted to get into Medicine.
The date of interview happened. There sat Drona, the Chancellor. He gave a wicked smile at Ekalaiva and asked for his community. Upon learning that he belonged to forward community he got angry and started shouting. 'You are from a forward community which means you had to take a minimum of 99% but you have scored only 97%. Yet you want to enter into medicine? How is that possible? I have reservations made out for lower community. You should have scored more or born in lower community. Go go. try out to take ordinary B.Sc'. Ekalaiva stood speechless!

Now, this is just out of imagination only and not meant to offend anyone or any past told story. There can be other justifications, yet this just flashed in my mind.


Gopalan Ramasubbu said...

I really like Ekalivan's character in Mahabharatham.He's more talented than Arjuna.By asking Ekalaivan's Thumb as guru thakshana, Drona ruined his entire life.

வேதா said...

a good thought indeed and a nice try:)

ambi said...

nice post shree, and that kaliyuga Ekalaivan naan thaan. missed one was not medicine, Msc (chem) in IIT-Madras.. Hhhh.mmm..

reservation matteraa evlo crispyaa, simpleaa, but efectiveaa solitaa.. superrr..

Ms.Congeniality said...

Nice imagination :-)
Initially I thought u were narrating the story of Ekalaiva but poga poga I realized.

Known Stranger said...

wow.. good imagination adn well apt for what is happening now

Usha said...

super, nijammave appadidhan iruku ippo!

unknown said...

u have good imagination..really this shud be forwarded to others

ashok said...

hmm...very truly reflecting todays India :(

Harish said...

Very good and nice...
At one desperate moment in my life i even wished i could get something under the handicapped quota (viragti)...and realized that i was stupid...

shree said...

@Ram - yeah mahabarath is full of deception only. think about karna who is mightier than arjun and was deceived by everyone.

@veda - thanks!

@ambi - oh so sad to hear. gentleman padam vineeth kannukku vandhuttu poran. anyways now you have proved yourself and be proud about it

@ms.c - welcome! thanks!

@known - thanks!

@usha - thanks dear!

@ammu - thanks ammu but vendam. thevai illadha contraversy varum

@ashok - say that!

@harish - hello yarupa adhu.. listla sendhu irukkaru.. ana konjam muthi pona case. thank god that you did take any such hasty decision.

smiley said...

absolutely true. i just missed my dreams by a couple of marks, but by God's grace real;ity is better than what i dreamed of :)

Ram said...
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Ram said...

Shree - Good one.Needs to be forwarded to Mr.Arjun Singh & Mrs.Sonia. :))

//yeah mahabarath is full of deception only. think about karna who is mightier than arjun and was deceived by everyone.//

Its not like that, Shree.I think u r missing the essence.You have to see what mahabaratha conveys from Ekalaivan and Karnan characters.

It will be a big discussion if i open the topic here.We can discuss offline if u want. :)

shree said...

@smiley and ram2 - welcome and pl. keep visiting.
smiley - its painful to see so many ppl. have suffered
ram2 - yeah mahabarath could be taken in another way - to establish truth anything could be done. but karna's only mistake was that he joined the kauravs knowingly or unknowingly. but then again he too established the so called 'panbu' in tamil of 'nandri maravamai'.

Usha said...

Hi Padhu,

Belated Wishes for your b'day as well as marriage anniversary!! Sorry pa, Friday and Saturday, I was in a "disabled" mode from mudiyala...adhan iniku vandha udane mail panten :D


Syam said...

sooooober, nalla karpanai :-)

kuttichuvaru said...

nice story!! nalla imagination!! thought provoking post ellam vera poduveengalaa??

shree said...

@usha - adippavi ipdi oorukke theriyara madhiri wish panni irukkeye. anyways THANKS BUDDY!! :)

@syam - danks

@kutty - yenna koluppa?? thanks anyway

ramu said...

i almost laughed to death

Rajesh said...

you are really gifted. Good one.

Kamal said...

hmmmm.Very nice post.. I like it very much..More Social Concious post..Keep it up:)

Rajadhirajan said...

I read your write up on Ekalaivan. A good attempt. But how you have not given a serious thought to the name Ekalaivan. I presume you are conversant with Samskrit. To me, Ekalaivan splits into three parts:

Ekam = One.

Kalai = a branch of knowledge, in this case archery.

Van = possessor

Translated it would mean, that this person, Ekalaivan had knowledge only in one discipline, that is archery, and since he had no other knowledge other than this expertise, the Great Guru Dronacharya, asked for his thumb, as his gurudakshina.

Now, the question is why?

Unlike Arjuna and the other Pandavas, and Kauravas, Ekalaivan had no liberal education, and this knowledge of archery, and archery alone would prove to be fatal, to the other human beings, as an archer par excellance, he could bring ruination to the others, who were less endowed than him.

Being a Guru of extrordinary competence, and knowledge, Dronacharya decided to rid humanity of this evil, before it could manifest itself. Hence, the gurudakshina of the thumb, which in the normal course would appear to be cruel and unnecessary.

In my opinion, this small sacrifice, by Ekalaivan, made a very large contribution to our understanding of the morals behind the big epic Mahabharatham.


September 19, 2006.

Nat said...

this is exactly what happened to me in late sixties. I passed PUC with good grades and great aspirations to be a doctor and do lot of public service. In my folder ( brown manila folders) it was written with red pencil : Forward Community. The only question I was asked was: what is your caste? I replied 'Indian sir'. " i know that. what caste?' I wasnt sure what he is expectin g me say. I said slowly, ' hindu Sir'. The interviewer lost patience and asked, ' iknow all that. iyer or iyengar?'.. 'iyer sir'. "OK you can go" that was the end of my interview. I pursued Geology and then into MBA etc. became an investment bankers instead of Doctor!!!